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About Lead Free Homes LA

This program has been designed to remove lead paint hazards from the inside and outside of your home, creating a healthier living environment for you and your children.

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The dedication and support of the partnering organizations have made the
Lead Free Homes LA program possible

Steps to a Healthy Home

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Step 1: Submit your application

Applications coming soon!
They will be accepted via mail, phone, or online.

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Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

If you are eligible, you will be contacted to schedule a lead test for inside and outside of your home.

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Step 3: Lead Test

Our team of licensed and bonded professionals will test your home for lead paint hazards.

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Step 4: Relocation Arrangement

If needed, we will make all arrangements for your temporary housing/relocation during repairs.

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Step 5: Repair Time

The Program moves throughout communities at various times of the year.

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Step 6: Final Inspection

Your inspector will conduct a final inspection to confirm all lead paint hazards have been removed.

Here’s What Others Have To Say

Not sure what to expect? Still have questions about how the program works? Hear straight from LA County residents who have participated in the program.

*This person participated in a HUD-funded program under the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which is similar to the Lead Free Homes LA Program.

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Your Home May Qualify

Lead paint hazards may affect anyone, but children and pregnant women are at a greater risk for lead poisoning. For this reason, your home may qualify for the program if:

Your home was built before 1951

You have a child under 6 years old living in or frequently visiting your home

You have a pregnant woman living in your home

Once our program launches, you will be able to answer a simple questionnaire to determine if we are working in your area and if you qualify. Stay tuned!


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